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Secrets: A Sapphire Springs Novel

Secrets: A Sapphire Springs Novel - Savannah Morgan, Savannah Morgan Wowsers, what a book, I loved it :)

Savannah Morgan writes a fabulous book, so much detail and depth to the characthers and story.

This is my first book by this author and I wondered if I should have read book 1 first, but I felt that this book fills in the previous book missing bits very well, that being said after reading this book I wish I had read book 1 as Devin is hot and his relationship with Kylie is evident through this book.

On to Secrets......

Cole, omg his hot, his so strong and alpha how has Tia kept her distance from him for so long? Well thats easily answered, she has secrets, deep secret, basically a whole other life!

Tia, has been on Cole's mind for a long time, but he knew something was off with her but couldnt put his finger on it, when his pulled back to his unit for 'one more' mission his given no choice but to get down and dirty and dig up her secrets, but lots can happen when your holed up in a secluded lodge......

I really loved this book, I didnt want to put it down the story just flowed effortlessly and the characthers came to life in my mind by how they were described and the story told.

I will be reading book 1 in the sapphire springs series and adding the next book to my tbr.

5 you must read Vampy and Racey Stars

**I was received an arc for an honest review**

Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter - Shari Nichols Alex is an MBI (pnr cop) on the search for a killer, his undercover when he bumps into Willow, she's a witch looking for her friend who has gone missing. The attraction between the two is instantanious, but how will she feel when his interrigating her and come clean about who he is?

I enjoyed this book,the story moved well and characthers were likeable and hot together.

Im giving this 3.75 vampy and racey Stars, I'll be keeping a look out for next book in series to see were author takes things.

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Out of Control (Taken by the Panther, #4)

Out of Control (Taken by the Panther, #4) - V.M. Black Part four of a series, you must read previous parts of series first.

All hell has broken out in the Elven world and everyone and everywhere is in danger, Chay and Tara are stuck in Elven world but need to protect earth realm, first they need to get out of Elven realm alive......

This is a fabulous mystical and magical installment, it contains lots of action and when there's a safe time some touching moments between Tara and Chay.

As always with this series leaves you needing the next book now!

4 mystical stars.

R.O.S.E Riders of Sins Eternal

R.O.S.E Riders of Sins Eternal - Ava Morgan-Brown 3.75 stars

A good start to a new series, I Found Garrick interesting and wanted to know more about him. It's a novella so only a short read, I'm interested to see were the author takes this story.

*I was gifted a copy for an honest review*

In Deeper

In Deeper - Kella McKinnon I love fiction, I love Criss and Brie but omg what a journey, could you forgive someone who takes a massive decision out of your hands? I suppose you could if your utterly in love with them!

This book starts off straight were the other one finished and I was desperate to start this book.

Criss is getting close to getting out of the business in this installment, there's still jobs to be done and danger lurking. He wants Brie so much, but wants to protect her too.

Brie has had enough of the pull and push away relationship, well she thinks she has. What she doesn't realise is in his messed up way his trying to protect her.

Criss puts Brie through so much in this instalment, it's almost unforgivable, but they have a connection. As much as he gives Brie whiplash in this book he also opens up....and there's that first kiss *sigh*. He turns in to quite a romantic, but his so alpha male with it.

This book is full of angst and romantic moments and its a great conclusion with a much needed HEA.

4.5 stars

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review.

In Deep

In Deep - Kella McKinnon In Deep is book 1 in a 2 book series by Kella McKinnon, This was my first book by Kella and I really enjoyed it.

Cris is a millionaire bad boy that owns a casino in Las Vegas, he has a reputation but people don't know he has another side, one his trying desperately to escape, until his free he has certain rules he sticks by, limited alcohol, no kissing and no relationships.....

Brie is completing her PhD paper, she's travelled to Las Vegas to complete her studies and maybe have some fun too.

Then these two meet.....

It's attraction they can't escape, Brie desperately wants to give into Cris, for her own sake, but knows he'll dump her straight after his got what he wants, so she keeps him waiting, shutting the door on him. Cris is forced to take action and takes Brie out, she's still not giving in. Eventually they get it together but by then things have changed between them, could they be falling for each other....

Cris was on one level your average alpha millionaire, underneath, deeper...... His a lot more, he has a darker side, but his still just a man that really want to be loved, but in his world he can't.

Brie is a breath of fresh air, I loved her strength, she gave in to him in the end, but she wanted it as much. She was very real too, all the way through, not trying to hold onto him, trying to do her own thing, even if Cris makes that hard.

Talking hard, when they become lovers, scratch that, when they start to f..k, they don't stop, Cris is very demanding but not kinky (as yet). I called it f..king as Cris won't kiss, his very passionate though, and Brie is very accommodating to his sexual needs.

You get both of their points of view in this book, so even if you think Cris may not give much away to Brie, in his part we're let in on his past and how he feels.

As I finished book 1, Heres some thoughts I had....

Omg Cris, what a life you've had, the things you've done are horrible, but it was pushed on you, so I can forgive you I think!, You need Brie, but can she forgive you........

Brie your so strong, and Cris is so appealing to you, he has some hard and dark secrets do you care for him enough?

I loved this book, I really enjoyed Brie, maybe more than Cris! I'd definitely recommend this book to people.

Im going straight on to read In Deeper, book 2. I will be checking out authors other books too.

**i received a complimentary copy of book for an honest review**

An Enrapturing Attraction

An Enrapturing Attraction - A.J.  Walters 4.5 bad boy turns good stars

What happens when a book lands on your kindle without a title? of course curiosity takes over, so you start to read first few pages... by then you've been sucked in, so your only choice is to sit down on sofa with a cuppa and carry on reading!

I really liked the first two books in this series, but this is my favourite. Christian is something else, his very different to Marc (who is wonderfully sexy, caring and charismatic), but Christian has the bad boy element that gives him a sexier edge.

when you add in a strong confident female and a suspenseful story line you have a winner of a book.

A great read, that will take you on a journey that covers two countries, will make your heart race and maybe stutter from angst a few times!

4.5 bad boy turns good stars


Sated - Charity Parkerson Ive never took drugs, but feel like ive just come off some! I loved this book but am also confused a little, but wouldnt have missed that ride.

This book has some seriously hot characthers in and scorching sex scenes containing a total mix of MF, MMF and MMMF!

I dont think I could explain book if I tried at the moment and even if I sleep on it would still struggle.

I really liked Trey but Killian was very sexy as was Lyric, Arbor she enjoyed them all - but to what end? you'll have to make your own mind up!

4 steaming hot sex with a twist stars.

**I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review**

Angels of Death:Succumb

Angels of Death:Succumb - Amber Sherwood A surprising read is how I'd describe this book, there's twists and people die!

The vamps are quite traditional, allergic to stakes and sunlight, their faces change and eyes glow.

It's a book of two halves, the first half is in the past where we meet Ash, Harm, Alexander and Joseph..... In the first half you will grow to care for characters, then have your heart ripped out. The second half is set in modern day and has lighter feel due to the different characters, it still has a dark side and danger but there's definitely humour mixed in, mainly from Brett.

A thoroughly enjoyable vampire read, it has a love element but it's more about Brita's journey. If I had to pick a favourite characther hhhhhmmmmm, I would say Harmon, but Brett comes in close second, Ash I loved but disliked too!

4 vampy stars.

A Dragon's Gift: A Holiday Short Story

A Dragon's Gift: A Holiday Short Story - C.E. Black Decided to read this while Christmas tree still up and feeling Christmassy! It's a short read and quite steamy. I enjoyed reading it, I do believe kye should have asked before doing what he did, but this is pnr and shifters generally run on instinct and they were both happy with result.

3.75 stars

Hunted by a Jaguar

Hunted by a Jaguar (Eternal Mates #4) - Felicity Heaton Hunted by a Jaguar by Felicity Heaton

If you love soul mates/fated mates stories mixed in with paranormal your in for a treat with this series.

This is Book 4 and is a great read. Kyter is jaguar shifter, but his also half demon...... I thought Kyter was a very lovable rogue, I loved how he came across and how his loyal, dependable, let alone protective and sexy. I also have to mention the sign outside his club and the play room.... his cat side is a big part of him.

Iolanthe or Io, I Decided to shorten her name to that before anyone else did in book, it's a bit of a mouthful, well she has some great lines and comes across as a strong independent lady. Her and Kyter share some great banter, let alone a fierce attraction they can't ignore forever.

These two meet searching for the same artefact but for different reasons, I was wondering if and how this was going to tie in with other books and I loved that twist when it came along.

This is a must read series for PNR fans, contains all sorts of paranormal beings, love and action, and this instalment is another page turner of a book.

I believe you could read this book as a standalone without the need to catch up, but id recommend reading previous books.

Five star read

**I received an arc of this book for an honest review**

Kadenburg Revealed (The Kadenburg Shifters Series, Book 4)

Kadenburg Revealed (The Kadenburg Shifters Series, Book 4) - T.E. Ridener Omg this series is fab, the mix of bear shifters and werewolves, MF relationships and MM too, did I mention I adore Rutley and Dimitri, of course Lorcan and Presley too!

There's so many twist and turns in this book, I occasionally had to go back to recheck I got it right!

The characthers are totally lovable, the suspense is held in air, plot twists and new developments to keep you on your toes. As always though leaves you wanting more!

If you haven't become addicted to this series yet, you really should!

5 shifting stars

Wicked Intentions (The Abattoir, #1)

Wicked Intentions (The Abattoir, #1) - Charity Langley This book packs a punch especially the second half!

There's lots of action straight from the start, and your slowly drawn into Lauren's world. At times I wasn't sure how I felt about Lauren, she's a vamp yes, but very different from others I've read about, there were times I agreed with her and others I was like oh come on give a little! Then again I sometimes like a characther that makes you chop and change your thoughts......

Lots going on this story, so not even going to attempt to summarise but there's two men you will really like in this story Greg and Therone.

Hard to categorise this book, some have said horror.....hhhhhmmm paranormal suspense, murder, romance.

Many different paranormal species live in this book, some ive never read about before, so a door to a new world of paranormal has been open to me :)

3.75 - 4 stars Vampy and Racey stars

**i was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review**

Devil in Duke's Clothing

Devil in Duke's Clothing - Nina Mason I really like Nina's writing, she obviously researches a great deal to ensure her stories are accurate and full of historical details.

In this erotic tale we meet open minded and sexy Robert and his nieve new wife Rosebud as he like to call her, she grew up in a convent, so his got a lot of work ahead of him. Little does he know his wife has been researching what men and women do in bed!

Be warned there's a lot of sex in this book, it is called erotic! Beyond the sex the characthers were very likeable and as they faced a difficult visit to the Kings home they grew closer as a couple.

I loved the language used in the book an example of words used - Cunny and Phallus.

A sexy historical read. I notice this is book 1 so we might get more of Robert and his Rosebud.

4 sexy historical stars

**I was gifted a copy for an honest opinion**

Revelation of Blood

Revelation of Blood - J.L. McCoy
Book 5 of the Skye Morrision series, this series is totally absorbing and addictive.

Just when things seem to calm down, Skye has her sacred vows ceremony to look forward to, surely she can have a week or two of happiness! It seems not, someone else wants a bit of her and it's going to take all her new powers and her fabulous new family to make sure she's safe.

Book 4 was so good, it was going to be hard to follow it up, but this one was a great read too and had some really lovely moments. One of my fave moments was Skye and Jameson having a heart to heart

Legacy of Blood (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #4)

Legacy of Blood (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #4) - J.L. McCoy Legacy of Blood

Book four in the Skye Morrison series, I was desperate to read this book after the cliffy in book 3!

With Skye now turned, this book takes us in a different direction. As we don't know if Skye is s goodie or baddie? So she's to be tested by the faithful, it's not going to be pretty!

Hagan takes on a bigger role in this book and I loved his take no nonsense characther in this book. If your looking for a heart throb then look no further than Archer, his is so cute and caring, but let's not forget about Jameson, I so felt for him but I think we all knew she was meant for Archer!

In short this book has so much going on, I loved it, I didn't want to put it down. All the characthers grew in this book in my opinion, Skye seemed to grow up, but don't fret she's still an opionated, I'll say what I want woman

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