Whispers of Home

Whispers of Home - April Kelley
An easy reading contemporary M/M romance <3<br/>
Jaron left his home town seven years ago, he felt penned in and needed to get out. Since leaving he has done things he's not proud of but the one thing he is proud of is Bobby his Son.

Life has twists and turns and due to tragic circumstances Jaron has to go back to his home town with his son, which will raise a few eyebrows as his gay!

Travis, the blue eyed high school heart throb, runs his family ranch, his still a popular guy, once Travis spots Jaron he can't get him off his mind, how can he convince Jaron he really wants him as his not known to be gay.

I really enjoyed this story, the relationship moves quickly but it's not surprising as they're hot together, the characters are very normal with real emotions. Their first sexual encounter was very realistic and sexy.

I have to admit at one point I thought the detective was going to be Jaron's love interest as they seemed to hit it off, but in hindsight not like him and Travis.

What I liked about the characthers, Travis is fun, cheeky and sexy. Jaron is very protective, warm and once his guard is down he lets his sexy out! Bobby the son is very sweet, he takes to Travis really quickly, but watching the men dote on him is cute. Bobby has Travis wrapped around his fingers, luckily Jaron can say no when needed!

I'm sure it's safe to say there's a happy ever after, I'm also pretty sure we will see more of Travis and Jaron in the other books in the series, well I hope so!

4 vampy and racey stars.

**i received an arc for an honest review**