Heated Mating

Heated Mating - Savannah Stuart This book is set on a planet known as Lumineta where it's customary for a woman to have two mates.

When Saroya was rescued from her planet and taken to Lunimeta, she quickly mates lincs brother and supposedly him, but he keeps his distance, that is until his brother dies. He now has to bite the bullet before she moves on....

This is a perfect read for when you've just read a longer book and want to read something quick and enjoyable, it has the right amount of heat for a novella and the fact that Linc doesn't do sharing I thought was very alluring.

Thus book is set in the future but there's no tentacles or weirdness, just a couple hot for each but not communicating well!

A great quick read.

3.75 vampy and racey stars

** I received an arc from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest opinion. **