Complete Me?

Complete Me? - K.E. Osborn First off I admit I love Aiden! But Ive now got a thing for an older man too, Mike ❤️

This book completes the story so well, it spans a few years so there's lots of story to tell, a surprise too.

If you've read the trilogy already you know all the characthers well, but this book takes things to a new level, did I mention I loved it!

The first part covers callie and Mike, then we get Sarah and Chris and lastly we finish on a high with the delicious Aiden. This book is different to the main trilogy in a way, that is its more real life, not the romance and getting together part, which lets face it we can all relate too very well.

Of course I'm sad this is the end of Aiden and Jeni's story but what a fabulous place to leave them.

Five happily ever after stars