All of Me?

All of Me? - K.E. Osborn AIDEN O'CONNELL fan here, he is sweet, sexy, romantic and rich.....

All of me starts were Love Me? Ended and your desperately waiting for Jeni and AIDEN to be reunited. We don't have to long a wait to hear them whispering sweet nothings In each other's ears, which they do a lot there a loved up couple.

This is the final chapter in there story and it's a great read, you won't be disappointed, lots going on with all the characthers a few surprises along the way too.

I can't say too much as I want this spoiler free, but if your a fan of AIDEN this is a must read, and if you haven't started this trilogy yet.......?????? Really, what you waiting for.

I'm going to miss AIDEN but loved **sighs** were he ended his story.

*****5 stars from me*****

I was gifted a copy of this book fir an honest review