Her Wicked Angel (Her Angel #6)

Her Wicked Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors #3) - Felicity Heaton Hot, sexy demonic angels.....yum.

Liora is witch in the mortal realm and has been targeted by the devil, his sending his right hand man to get her Asmodeus.

Asmodeus has black hair, a toned body and black wings, he has many powers, social skills not being one of them! He was also born to be evil.

Liora is a witch, a beautiful one at that, she sassy, confident and knows what she wants.

When they meet its an instant attraction, not that Asmodeus understands his feelings his pure evil, so why is his heart pounding? Liora has a fun way with him, and his astounded that she is not scared of him, far from it she fancies him. He experiences his first kiss in the romantic city of Paris and then knows he's not taking her to the devil.

I loved this book, the characters were amazing, how Asmodeus developed through the book was such fun to read and heart warming too. It has humour too, his first supermarket shopping trip is very amusing. Sex yes it has sex too lots of sex, and teasingly long kisses.

This book has more than romance it's an adventure into hell and all that come from there, and you have to ask why does the devil want Liora? On your journey to find the answer to that question, you get to meet a few other alpha hot demonic angels, yes this book is full of them, which is amazing, there are very strong female counterparts too that take there men in hand with ease.

If your looking for a hot passionate book about good overcoming evil look no further this has all you need, with added hotness due to one demonic angel.

Loved it :)

5 vampy and racey stars

***i received this book from the author for an honest review***