Oliver's Hunger

Oliver's Hunger - Tina Folsom I've had this book on my kindle for ages it seems, I've been constantly wanting to read it, and finally have :)

How fab was it to read all about the other vamps even if not in book in big way, just made you crave them more. This book was Oliver's , how he has grown and changed!! Well yes he has changed his now a vampire, but struggling with the need to feed from the living rather than bottled blood. Scan guards are looking out for him as they would, that's how they are a big happy vampire family.

Ursula has been held against her will for 3 years, used as a blood whore by the leeches, she has a different kind of blood that drugs vamps. This makes her a valuable asset.

While out feeding on the living one night, Oliver finds ursula running scared, bleeding badly. He takes care of her, but little does she know she's run from one vamp to another!! Of course she soon realises not all vamps are the same and it gets hot, hot hot.... Some really steamy sex scenes, yes Oliver s a hot lover.

Things don't go to plan, forces play against them, but thats half the fun of the books in this series the adventure to get to the happy ending.

I really enjoyed this installment of scanguards, and can't wait for Thomas and Eddies book.

4.5 vampy stars.