Misty - M. Garnet
3.75 stars

Welcome to a new world of vampires, a mixture of new world and old, they blend in with humans, as they can be out in daylight, they turn to dust when staked, and are trying to mainstream by drinking donated blood.

Rad is an enforcer he is strong and powerful vampire, who is also rich, sexy as hell, gorgeous ....... But also comes across hard faced and extremely confident in his total sexiness that is annoying at times.

Misty has special blood, it does something to vampires, so she will be hunted and drained if not protected - enter Rad.

When misty feels she's being watched, she is not happy and starts noticing strange things. Then Rad makes himself known. I like how misty accepts this not quite oh well here my neck bite me. She tries to keep her distance, he tries to woo her, she's having none of it.

We follow the same general book flow, shock, acceptance, attraction, shit I need to run, acceptance, danger, sex, more hot sex, danger, hot sex and of course the thing we all need a hea.

I really liked the characther misty was a kick ass heroine, rad was sex on legs and possesive, there relationship did develop but I didn't feel the depth I would have liked to.

The book ended with Alex going on a mission......ready for book 2.

**I received the book via netgalley for an honest review**