Craving Talon

Craving Talon - Zoey Derrick This book starts off were last book finished, the difference being the previous book was all about them getting to know each other, attraction and seriously hot sex. This book moves them on from attraction to having feelings for each other, which in my mind makes the sex even hotter!

Addison is being put in the limelight which is not easy for her, but with Talon and Kyle to help her she will be fine and if she gets stressed they have a great way of destressing her.... sex yes sex there is lots of it in this series, lots of variety too and its sizzling.

Its not all sex, relationships deepen, there's drama and love <3.<br/>
Out of the two men, I prefer Talon, I dont know why just do!

This is a great series, only for those that like alot of sex in a book!

looking forward to reading book 3.

**I received an arc for an honest review**