Forbidden Kiss (Entangled Covet)

Forbidden Kiss (Entangled Covet) - Shannon  Leigh Romeo and Juliet with a difference...

This book was good, I have to say though was a slow starter, but once I'd got to 20% I was hooked.

Jules is an Italian woman, full of spirit you'd be hard pressed not to like her, when she meets Rom for work issues, she can't help notice how hot he is. Rom leads a quiet life, but is inquisitive about Jules and how she reacted to certain things.... Rom is not exactly what he seems, his immortal!

Jules family is an interesting one, especially uncle pio, you won't like him!

How do you even get to know someone when your family tell you to keep away.

I found the story interesting and liked how Rom and Jules relationship developed, if only they can change fate.....

3.75 stars

**Review copy**