Behind the Blindfold (Volume 1)

Behind the Blindfold (Volume 1) - Natalie E. Wrye Mystery, intrigue and a steamy relationship this book has it all!

First off lets talk about Saturday, she's an artistic girl trying to make her way in the world when she keeps seeing him.....

Mark, his mysterious, sexy and frustrating at times too, especially when he does his disappearing antics but you can't help but want these two to get it together.

More about Mark, his vague when questioned about his job, he gets lots of calls and have I mentioned his green eyes yet! Mark is smooth too and romances Saturday and she soon falls for him as he has for her.

If life was kind and easy that would be the end of it and they'd live happily ever after, but Mark has secrets and they have a habit of coming out.

I found the writing in this book extremely easy to read and really didn't want to put my kindle down, I also started volume 2 straight after finishing the first book, but this is about volume 1.

Make sure you have volume 2 locked and loaded on your kindle as you'll be wanting to know more straight away.

This was my first read from Natalie and it won't be last I really enjoyed her writing style and pace of her story, she also created an amazing hot guy.

4.5 star read

**i was gifted a copy of this book fir an honest review**