Undertow - Michael Buckley I received an email saying I could get a copy of this book from Netgalley for review, I get a few of them! When I read the blurb it intrigued me so I went and requested book. Even though I have other arcs to read something about the blurb made me start this book first......

Well I started and finished in one night, this book grabbed me it was so different 'fish people' that walked out of the sea onto coney Island. There's lots of problems with Sharing your land with a new species. Both sides are to blame, humans are frightened by the Alpha, the Alpha are stubborn and think themselves better.

There's lots of sea world building done through the book, in general though Coney Island was the same, just a little run down.

Lyric, our main girl is a great, she has a lot to deal with, her family have secrets. Lyric has a great relationship with her mum and dad, they're very protective parents. Bex is her best friend, her homelife is not so good so she Spends lots of time at Lyrics home.

Fathom, his an alpha prince - his arragant, proud, good looking and has appeal, he has many duties most of them leave him black and blue, he obviously speaks another language, one not recognisable to human ears.

When lyric and fathom meet its not all sunshine and rainbows, forces are at work but who do you trust? Their attraction to each other isn't instant it builds slowly as the story develops with all it's drama and twists.

This book deals with many issues in an entertaining and gripping way, I really enjoyed this book and look forward book 2.

4.5 stars.