Where One Goes

Where One Goes - B.N. Toler Five plus stars

**Beautiful, painfully emotional, wonderful, tissues to hand all the way through, never cried so much, loved it, highly recommended.**

This book blew me away, it felt like I was living through it all, it made me blub big time, it bought smiles to my face and made laugh at times too. To say it's an emotional read is an understatement, my hubby kept asking if I wanted a hug!

Char had an accident and now she see's dead people, not like ghost whisperer were they were scary looking, they look as they did. Char has been helping souls with their unfinished business so they can move on, but it's too much for her......

Ike, how I love Ike....... He's adorable, funny, sexy, charming the words are endless, unfortunately his dead! This is were the emotional pain come in as he and Char become close, and as cute and warm as that is it's also heartbreaking.

George, his in a bad place, his also Ike's unfinished business. So enter Char(lotte), they don't seem to like her full name! As she's welcomed into Warm Springs by everyone else, George and Char seem to clash, Ike Is there to guide her, but Ike doesn't know Char inside out and he doesn't know she's quite headstrong and has her own ways of dealing with things, which makes things extremely interesting.

The story is set in Warm Springs, a small town, where everyone seems to know one another and gossip spreads easily and has a mix of nice and nasty characthers.

As I mentioned I found it a very emotional read, but that's me! I highly recommend this book.

This book is my first by the author and I can tell you it won't be the last, I love a book that pulls me inside out and makes me cry while telling a fabulous story with warm characther's in a fabulous setting.

**I received an arc of this book for an honest opinion**