Claiming Addison

Claiming Addison - Zoey Derrick Sexiest bus tour ever!

Addison is going on tour with a band, luckily its a band she really likes, she's there to keep them in PR order.

She starts off well telling them what she expects them to do and not do. The band is made up with a right bunch of characthers, and they all cant help notice how gorgeous Addison is and she has to share a bus with them for six weeks. When she's introduced to Talon the band lead singer, her panties basically melt, it not much better when she meets the bands manager Kyle.... shoot what will she do!

It soon becomes apparent that both men want Addison, but theyre quite interested in each other too!

What can you expect from this book, first off lots and lots of seriously hot threesome sex, interesting characthers and a good story to go with the sexy bits.

If I had to pick between Kyle and Talon who are both very sexy I'd say I favour Talon. If you like your books sexy pick it up and see who you favour.

four seriously sexy stars.

**I Received and arc for an honest review**