The Vampire Will See You Now

The Vampire Will See You Now - Cassandra Lawson Finally Justine and Caitlin's story and your going to love it!

Caitlin's been through a lot but she wants to get back to normal and be treated normal.... Justin has been struggling to deal with what has happened to his girlfriend, so Caitlin being a strong, demanding woman takes things into her own hands.......... The results are HOT, but also funny!

Your probably wondering why funny? Well let's just say the whole cast from the series seem to appear in book, just like real life things don't go to plan, but when they do go to plan it's hot and kinky.

I loved watching the couple sort thing out, but I also loved seeing all the other characthers appear. What I really want now is to see Nathaniel happy........

If you haven't started this series yet, you really should it's addicting. Great characters, seamless writing that pulls you into the story and the the stories, well there about vamps what's not to love!

Keeping my fingers crossed that there's more Psy Vamp loving to come.

5 kinky couple stars

**i was gifted a copy for an honest review**