Burning Desire: Part 2

Burning Desire: Part 2 - Donna Grant This is my first Donna Grant read and it's about Dragons!

This comes in 4 parts and this review is for whole story.

Dragon kings, dark and light fae all in the mix, make it a very interesting read, especially when two are attracted to each other.

Kilrin is a Dragon King staying in Ireland the heart of Dark Fae ground! His constantly being watched by the dark, he spots them a mile away as his very powerful.

Shara is a dark fae badly treated by all in her family, she now has to prove herself to them, which won't be easy as she likes the Dragon King.

I enjoyed this book, didn't love it though. If I'm honest I didn't feel the characthers passion or love for each other. I liked the story and characthers, may be it's one of those series you should start at book 1 to get more of a feel of things.

3.75 stars

* I received arc via netgalley/publisher for an honest review *