Vampires and Vixens

Vampires and Vixens - Cassandra Lawson 4.5 stars - great read

Just finished this book by cassandra lawson. It's a great read.

There's a lot of characthers in this book, all very good looking guys. Add in a bunch of girls and there will be trouble, especially as the men are vamps!

Hannah comes from money and is staying with her cousin Lydia, she gets dragged to a party were she's mistreated but no worries warm and caring Nathaniel will take care of her. Nathaniel has many cousins and a brother called Noah, delightful Noah you just had to love him. Hannah and her friends get entwined in the boys world and it's not all good!

I loved this book, the characthers are really interesting and the family setup explained really well, which means there's scope for lots of stories.

If you like pnr you'll love this book, it's not a heavy read it's easy reading and has a happy ending.

I've given it 4.5 stars.