The Truth about Kadenburg

The Truth about Kadenburg - T.E. Ridener This is book one in a new shifter series based in a fictional town called kadenburg, where wolf and bears shifters live among the humans.

Preston is returning home after a failed relationship and doesn't expect to bump straight into Lorcan, the boy she crushed on in school!

Lorcan has always wanted Preston, but due to different laws he couldn't approach her that way, now she's back maybe he stands a chance at winning get heart... Unfortunately she's returned while Lorcan and his family are in mourning, and the person responsible for there sadness is still free, plus she has no idea who she really is.......

Some great characthers in this book, I really took to Lorcan and liked Prestons way of trying to deny what she was seeing and hearing. Dimitri is another likeable characther.

I did find the female role in the setup a little demeaning, as in they're to be protected, and Lorcans mum is always cooking, but at least Preston defies that straight off :)

Ive read lots of shifter books and there inner animal always makes sure they get there feelings over, but I' don't remember ones that actually talk to them so that's an interesting twist.

It ends on a cliff hanger, with lots of questions unanswered.

Off to start book 2 now.

Four vampy and racey stars.