Ivy - Dahlia Donovan I was given an arc to read and review.

Ivy is a widow, she lost her husband 3 years previous to book. She carries on with life but doesn't have the same spring in her step. Enter two gorgeous men Steve and Gareth.

Steve and Gareth are wolf shifters they believe she's there mate and decide to persue her. It doesn't take long for her to enjoy the attention.

I loved how british this book is, how the hot men use the word 'love' as a name replacement in conversation. Ivy has a favourite word too Git! At one point I thought she says that a lot, but then realised, we do use that word a lot too!!

I really enjoyed how the relationship developed, It wasn't insta love and was not over glamourised. Ivy is a good characther and asks her men all the right questions before jumping in too deep. She certainly asked the ones I wanted to ask!

If your looking for a taste of British shifters, pick up this book, I really enjoyed it.

Look forward to book 2

4,star read