Ashes - Sarah Gilman I received an arc of this book and I'm glad I requested it. This was my first time reading about Phoenix's and I really enjoyed the story and characters.

Reece is a Phoenix about to rebirth, when ambrosia knocks on his door in distress, talk about bad timing!

Reece is lovely, but his honest almost too honest, I'd have told him to do one! Unfortunately circumstances mean Ambrosia can't. Amtrosia is very strong lead woman, but Reece's good looks and his damn smile do something to her. What could possibly happen when they get to spend more time together?

I wanted to read this book in one go I enjoyed that much, life didn't let me though! I found reading about something other than vamps and weres really absorbing, I'll definitely be reading more Phoenix books and books by this author.

A recommended read

4.5 vampy and racey stars.