The Broken

The Broken - Ker Dukey The Broken,

Poor River or otherwise known as Twink , she had a tough childhood, lost her mum and to add to it something horrid happens on her sixteenth birthday. She's now a shadow of herself, living a lie to keep the peace and people she loves from harm, and she manages it all relatively well considering!! that is until her best friend and teenage love Sammy come home......

River lives with Danny who is controlling, possessive and just not nice, he keeps her there by secrets, and doesn't seem to know or care she's not happy as long as he loves her.

Blaydon lives with his sister River, his a mess due to his shattered childhood. There are so many Broken people in this book!

When Sammy arrives home with his hilarious friend Jasper, Danny has to go out of town which means next door neighbours and best friends can get reacquainted on a more adult level and maybe emotional level too. ;). If only life was that easy.... This is a twisted, dark story with lots of twists and turns to keep you on your toes. It's not an over long book but packs a punch, and will pull on your emotions.

This is a sexy book along with all the darkness and angst, Sammy is hot in the bedroom and surprisingly his Twink likes him to be in control, don't let that make you think she's not hot, she one crazy kitten in the bedroom with the right person. If I'm honest I think there first session together went one step to far (for first time together), but was hot!

My favourite character of the book is split between Sammy who I loved and Jasper who is big part of the book and has some of the best lines.

Definitely and 18+ only book.

A four star read.