Broken Ever After

Broken Ever After - Natalie Graham This book was more than the teacher student book I expected it to be, and Mr Matthews was enough to make this book interesting.

Olivia is a sixth form student she's 18 and has a big crush on Mr Matthews (Jamie). Little does she know that he fancies her too, they have shared many a cocky conversation about football and little winks and smiles. As time goes on they can't leave each other alone. Some hot sexy scenes, but realistic too.

The is an ex hanging about trying to cause trouble, they need to be careful too as she has two more weeks at school before they should be together. Now that's enough for a book really...but there is so many surprises and story twists in this. Both of them are keeping secrets which slowly get revealed, and not all of them are nice and some could find disturbing (child abuse). As the story unravels and twists!! I wasn't sure what I felt about Jamie, I loved him but the story made me doubt him, I hate being disappointed by characters and always want them to be better people than they are!! I think that was what the author planned too!! Olivia wow she goes through so much, she will need some counselling I'm sure!! She is also young and troubled so some of her behaviour is acceptable.

I really like uncle Austin, he was an interesting and fun character. Olivia's parents were very hands off, busy professional people. Other characters worth a mention Riley!! But can't say more about him without giving away anything.

How did I want this to end, did I get ending I wanted?? Now that would be telling you'll have to read yourselves.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.