Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful - Sara H. Hobson **i received a copy of this book directly from the author to review**

Well as this is the authors first novel and I had obviously not read her before it took me a while to get used to her writing style as it does when I read any new author. The book is written from Penny's pov. As I'm being totally honest here I really enjoyed the book but the second half of the book the writing flowed better, whether that was because I was absorbed into her new world of vampires and supernatural, or the flow of writing improved I'm not sure! I just knew I had to finish the book that night!!

Penny has moved across country to start her new job, and she does not know anyone, only a couple of work colleagues. When she meets her first client Dimitrii, he makes a play for her but she brushes him off, telling him that his her client and the will be no fraternising - let me just say penny is a strong minded character with her own sense of style, she is highly attracted to the man but her job comes first. He insists on taking her out to dinner, this is when her strong mind makes her discover something about her client/suitor....yes his a vampire!!!!!

Dimitrii his 24 years old, gorgeous, sexy, can persuade people to his way of thinking, well most, but not Penny!! His part of a clan and classes clan members like family. He is a more traditional vampire in the sense he can't go in sunlight, cannot eat food at all, but is not allowed to go around drinking from any human he wants, he has to make do with animal blood. The is a higher council that governs vampires, that have the power to eliminate people who share the fact that vamps exist - the thing that makes dimitrii a happy vamp is sex.....and he want it with Penny!!

Well that's the background of the story and Penny holds out well, I was in two minds one saying no don't give in, the other saying yes jump into bed with him now.

This story is not just about Dimitrii perusing Penny, there is suspense too as people are dying around penny, and then she gets threatened too, the vamp steps in and offers her protection.

We get to meet other supernatural creatures too, and get to see part of the secret society around them all. I also enjoyed Gavin and Owen, Dimitrii's human helpers, I preferred Gavin he was a more stronger personality, were Owen was subdued, but for good reason.

Okay the sex scenes.... I liked them they were sexy, okay maybe not written in the most sensual way like some books, but they suited the story, they were hot together, not sure which of them was more sexed up - let's just say they were well suited in the bedroom. I did love him waking her one morning in a special way - it was sexy but funny not gonna give it away though.

If your looking to read about a strong minded female character falling for a vamp, this is for you. I liked the world building, the characters and the storyline. Give this book a try. I'm awarding it 4 stars as I kept thinking about it for days when I didn't have a chance to read at all, that's why I had to finish it on day I got chance, but then found myself dreaming of the characters....interesting dream.

I look forward to book 2 in the series.

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