Moonspun - Michele Hauf I was so excited when scanning through Michelle hauf books and found this a follow on from her vampire husband, yes more blu and creed = one happy me!!

Steamy is one word, lots of sex in this story, it's hot and steamy especially them doing it when she's in wolf form!!!

Apart from the hot and steamy sex, yes was worth mentioning again, we get to see how they have developed as a couple and how much they adore each other. Creed is smouldering yummy as he was in original book but blu has calmed slightly which was nice to see but she's still fiery!

They both desperately want a baby but mixed breed marriage babies don't happen unless they get some magical help, but what are they willing to sacrifice for this help???

It really is a must read if you read her vampire husband, which is at times free on amazon and really recommend you try it if you love paranormal romance.

4 strong stars - was fab