Blood Stained Tranquility

Blood Stained Tranquility - N. Isabelle Blanco Book 2 in the szolite series, it's a sexy read.

I have to admit I found the to be too many characters in this book, I get round that by concentrating on the main characthers and taking in as much of the extras as possible. I wonder sometimes if I didn't have kids distracting me I'd be able to absorb all the characthers....I don't know.

That's my neutral point out the way. Wow does this lady weave a story or much going on, sexy zen and his Eve his match or R'ma as there called. When you put them together you get a passion explosion, long extended sex scenes with lush descriptions of Zens body.

It's not all sex though, it's about the development of there relationship, Eves background and Zens split personality and lots more.

We also get more of book ones couple ismini and Dyletri, who are still at it like rabbits.

A good read, you may need a change of underwear though.....;)

4 vampy and racey stars

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review.