Jason & Cadence

Jason & Cadence - R.E. Butler How many times can you say I love you on a page, in this book alot it seems! Okay we don't all come out with deep meaning speeches to express our love all the time, I almost got sick of the 'I love you's' - but then in another way it was more realistic!

Jason and Cadence best friends, with sweet memories of playing together as kids, after playing one afternoon Jason decides to make her his mate and marks her, she is too young to be marked and action is taken to protect her, as far as she is concerned jason turned on her and kept his distance. He has hurt her feelings, but she still loves him, not that she will let him see, she hides it behind her feisty personality.

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She has her degree in hand and has returned to her home town, that is home to humans and werewolves, cadence is a hybrid wolf/human and does not fit in to any particular set. Since her return people are treating her strange, some are being rude, others trying to be nice. She even has the attention of a hot werewolf, but she only wants Jason but he doesn't want her, so lets see we're this goes!

There is some secrets being kept from her but no one will tell her what's going on, can she figure it out? Why is Jason acting so weird?

What follows is a sweet, sometimes exciting story, occasionally a little drawn out of an alpha werewolf getting his woman. In my opinion it should have finished at around 80%, as the rest was cute and sweet and more normal day to day getting along, it really didn't need it.

Sex, there is a lot of sex in the second half of this book, and biting lots of marking during sex.

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Good characters that came over as very realistic, including all the pack, who will have there own story to follow, which will be on my tbr shelf.

Overall 3.75 stars