Lust - T.C. Anthony I have to say I read a few reviews of this book that put me off reading this, but it surprised me I really enjoyed this story.

We have Eva a career girl who can't let romance get in her way, but she enjoys sex big time - her current boyfriend is not delivering though.

On a girls night out to celebrate her birthday she gets hammered and falls into a strangers arms, his tall, dark and handsome, he takes her home and she wakes on her own in her bed wondering what happened.

She recovers from her night and heads into work to find there is a new CEO, his name is Alexander, his tall, dark, and handsome........and his the man who took her home!

She is so attracted to this man that she hates him, but you can't hide or fight attraction/lust this strong. Eva is a bit of a multi personality person, she can be a real bitch, but so nice the next moment..... Alexander is gorgeous, thoughtful, sexy, adventurous - his a dream man, maybe to good for Eva in my eyes.

When they get together its scorching hot passion, wet panty time, there is a part in the book before they get together that she explains to samantha that she had to go the the ladies room to check her period hadn't come early as she was so wet - lol, and that was just from talking to him!!


Eva is struggling with her feelings, she wants success, she can't have everything can she??

What I liked about this book, I liked the characthers even if Eva annoys me with her decisions when his so accommodating. I also liked the sex scenes they were more realistic than many erotic books, where they go for two hours then 5 minutes later his standing to attention again!!! I enjoyed the light bdsm in this book and the experimentation with it was refreshing. Yes Alexander is a sex god but his not a total alpha which is a nice change.

Samantha is Eva's friend and it was a well written friendship, we also have chrissy there other friend who even though is not a major characther has a big impact in the story.

This is a three part series, so don't expect the big HEA...........

Looking forward to book two.

Four stars****

*I received this book from the publishers via netgalley for an honest review*