Convicted - Aleatha Romig I was so excited to start this book, but is started and stopped at 10% I just couldn't grasp why or where it was starting were it was!! So I gave it a break, I decided I needed to find out what and why.

The journey was long, I loved reading about Claire and Tony, but if I'm honest I wasn't worried about the other characters as much, I found there parts a bit long winded, I know it revealed the truth but I'm an impatient person and wanted Claire and Tony!! I wasn't disappointed they were fabulous. I love Tony, yes I've said it and put it on print lol. How much can one person change, then again how much hell can one person deal with - well Claire has limits it seems.

How many emotions can we be put through, I feel battered. You must read this book to get your conclusion, and Claire and Tonys story is worth the consequences of this emotionally draining book.

The ending.... :)