Night Pleasures

Night Pleasures - Sherrilyn Kenyon I just love a paranormal romance full of lust, angst, action and desperately yearning a hea, this story didn't disappoint, yes you could say predictable, but I found it warming and comforting.


We have dark hunter, kyrian who sold his soul for revenge, who keeps us mere mortals safe from daemons, but lives a lonely unending life.......


Gets caught and kidnapped with Amanda one of many sisters of which most have weird abilities, but does Amanda have any??


Damn damn damn his attracted to this meek and modest woman!!!!

Now a daemon is after her and he has to protect her.....

There are so many characters in this book, I really liked Nick, kyrians odd job man he was very amusing. We meet a new character in this book too Talon who so needs a woman and can see that happening in another book. We also see Julian and grace which is always nice to visit old characters.

If your into pnr you will enjoy this book, the writing is easy to follow and well written and the characters are very real. There is also a few steamy sex scenes ;)