The Duke's Bedeviled Bride (Royal Pains Book 2)

The Duke's Bedeviled Bride (Royal Pains Book 2) - Nina Mason

The continuing story of Maggie and Robert, it's a heart pounding read due the sexual encounters and the storyline!

We follow these newly weds as they try out new ways of pleasing each other, Robert likes being submissive but also likes to take control at times. His very well educated sexually and is teaching his bride his wicked and wild ways.

There's more than sex to this story, they're developing a deeper connection and I enjoyed that aspect. Unfortunately though the story is set in a time of political unrest which puts both of them in danger.

Nina puts a lot of detail into her book and it pays off as your transported back to another time, I also love how Robert speaks.

A definite page turner, hoping it's not long until we get more of these two.

5 steamy and sexy stars

**I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review**