Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece - Teodora Kostova Three words to describe this book, emotional, romantic and sexy, also fabulous, okay that's four!

Riley is Penn's friend, Penn is a characther from previous book. Riley lost his partner a decade ago and hasn't really moved on.

Sonnie is the top costume designer at the theatre, he has come across as a bit up himself before, but in this book we get to know the real Sonnie.

"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen you this fake," Riley said when they were past another set of doors.

"That's because I'm never fake when I'm with you," Sonnie replied honestly, turning to look at Riley as he said it. Riley was watching him, his blue eyes sparkling, his mouth twitching at the corners.

When Penn introduces these two they strike up a friendship, of course Sonnie wants more but Riley is in no way ready for that and Sonnie is a total star, patient, caring and encouraging, he totally won me over. To say Riley is messed up doesn't come close, but we see glimpses of the real man behind the pain and his rather sexy!

I mentioned this is an emotional read, I should also tell you it's not an I fancy you lets jump into bed and fall in love book, it's so much deeper and when things finally do happen it's such a buzz.

A fulfilling MM romance that you won't want to put down.

All books in this series can be read as stand alone (other than novella), but I like to read in order, then you get a thrill when previous characthers appear in current book!

5 emotional and sexy stars.

**I received an arc for an honest review **