The Stand In

The Stand In - Rosanna Leo
**Warm, funny and romantic**

Winn has a bad history with men, she's out of work too, surely she's due some good luck....

Patrick is an out of work journalist, his a man anyone could fall in love with his charming, funny and sexy.

Winn has a chance of a new job as a Stand-in bridesmaid, it's good money and you get to keep the dresses! How can you turn that down!

Patrick and Win are thrown together when Patrick is asked to do an article on a Stand-In Bridesmaids. He is tasked with following her around while she does her job, which means spending time together and getting to know one another.

I loved how Rosanna who I know more for her paranormal romances made these two people so real, they had normal conversations even at the most inappropriate times! The relationship developed beautifully and the sexual tension between the two built up to a point where I was desperate for them to kiss, I think I enjoyed the kiss as much as the characthers lol!

There is also a great selection of background characthers, they're mainly family and all families have issues, these two families are no different.

I'm sure it's safe to say there's a happy ending, but it's all about the journey.

If your looking for a refreshing read give this romantic comedy a try.

4.5 amusing and romantic stars

**I was gifted an arc for a honest review **