Seducing Death

Seducing Death - Cassandra Lawson The Moon Virus, that's were this all started and this series was good from the start but now I know the characthers it's even better.

This is Ian's story, being honest he wasn't one of my favourites in the first book, but Cassandra has weaved her magic, took us into Ian's past, heart and possible future and I will say his not perfect and occasionally you will want to give him a slap, but he will warm your heart and you'll want him to have a happy ever after.

Kyleigh, she's a fabulous characther her job is not pleasant and she has to deal with all that goes with that, until it's Ian's turn, she then makes a life changing decision that will affect more than her!

I found these two were perfect for each other, but of course wanna be couples in books never talk enough about the things they should, that would be too easy lol. They do talk lots and the dialogue between Ian and Kyleigh is entertaining. Ian is well known for being a little grumpy, Mitchell his adopted son has bought some fun back to his life, if he lets Kyleigh in he could have some sparkle too......

I really like how all the other characthers take a small background part in the story, and because they know Ian well, the banter they share is amusing. Talking characthers I'm loving Cam and Zane the shifters, and the interesting unanswered as of yet story development.

All in all a great read you'll really enjoy, full of paranormal of all species, a romance with drama and a little suspense mixed in for good measure. When's the next book out...

Five Vampy Stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**