The Vampire's Fall

The Vampire's Fall - Michele Hauf I was in a book funk, not due to bad books just life! I knew I needed a non reality book to get me out, so chose this book by Michele Hauf, I got more than I Expected!

This book is a paranormal romance and encompasses many varieties of the pnr world. If you've read the The Vampires Husband (I have and loved it) or not you will enjoy this book as it's about the grandchildren!

Blade Saint Pierre is a kind hearted vampire/fairy, his close to his family and tries to help others, he isn't interested in women as his still nursing a wounded heart.

Zenia is a lost soul, she has amnesia and doesn't know herself, she's very knowledgeable but has no idea who or what she is, apparently she's not human....

Blade and Zenia meet when blade is working in town, helping another person and notices her, she is beautiful! He goes to investigate and finds danger, which he quickly deals with.

Zenia now has somebody watching over her, the fact his tall, handsome and kind doesn't make things difficult for Zenia, as she is so innocent in her current state and speaks her mind and oh my it's so refreshing, when I said I got more than I expected it was with the humorous banter between Blade and Zenia, it was just what I needed.

Well I'm sure you know these two fall for each other, but it's never that easy and they have journey full of twist and turns, with danger and love and making out!

If you've tried Michele Hauf books or not I would most definetly recommend this book to you, it was an easy read and so enjoyable.

I'm giving this five stars.

**I received an arc from the publishers through Netgalley for an honest review**