The Nysein: Release

The Nysein: Release - Beth Mikell I really enjoyed book 1 Nysein Salvation, so as I'm away on my hols I had an itch to read book 2 which I one clicked after finishing book 1, trouble was I remembered the story but couldn't think of title or author! I have lots of books on my kindle! I did eventually find it and I finished it in one day.

So from blurb you know this is about Maxim and Kendra, two strong and possibly stubborn people who are fated to be together, they both have interesting personalities and good relationships with others. I found Maxim and King Dariens relationship very sweet and funny as they're quite candid with each other.

You can't have a romance without some angst and danger mixed in, there is an ongoing storyline from book 1 and new storylines introduced to make you yearn for next book.

I have to mention Darien and Jenera, I adored their relationship in this book, obviously it wasn't their book but the cameo appearances were just so sweet.

A great read, I really enjoyed this book, the story, characthers and authors writing.

Recommended read.

4.5 vampy stars