Bound by Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1)

Bound by Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1) - Mandy Lou Dowson Loved this werewolf book. It has a love triangle in it and it makes it very interesting.

Beth cares for Gateth, Gareth cares for Beth but doesnt show it correctly, he actually comes across as an ass! But you know deep down there's more to it.

Beth is to be mated but who will she choose? There turns out to be two suitors Gareth and Donovan, Donovan comes from another pack and definitely has appeal.

When Beth gets the chance to 'date' both men Things get difficult. Who will she choose.

There's lots going on in this book and lots of twists that will keep you on your toes and guessing where it will end.

The characthers really came to life, I really enjoyed Beth's attitude and enjoyed seeing her mature through the book. The trouble I had was I liked both guys!

If I had a criticism it would be that the word mate is overused, I prefer people's names to be used in conversation, that's just me.

4.5 shifting love triangle stars