A Shifted Wedding

A Shifted Wedding - C.E. Black If you've read the first two books in this series you must pick up this book, it's soooo good, it's full of hot alpha men, women with a mind of their own, sexy moments and lots of laughs, not forgetting the aaaarrrggghhh blessy moments ❤️

Well the time has come for Sam's big day, she's marrying her two hot men but first there's a stag and hen night to have, nothing could possibly go wrong surely! lol. I will say nothing too dangerous happens but trust me the boys end up on an adventurous night that they hadn't planned........ In some ways they bought it on themselves by being over protective alpha men, but love was behind their actions.

You will think you know these men well, but trust me seeing them in leisure time adds another layer to every one of them and makes me excited for book 3.

The wedding is beautiful and made my heart flutter, Sam's walk down the aisle took me back to my own wedding, but the wasn't two hot shifters waiting at bottom!

I would recommend you read the previous two books first as you'll get so much more pleasure from this book.

Loved this book, was just what I needed to read.

Fabulous book C E Black.

5 sexy, fun, romantic stars