Touch of the Irish: Part 1 - The Dragon's Lair

Touch of the Irish: Part 1 - The Dragon's Lair - Savannah Morgan Welcome to the dragons lair, well Drake's Lair who just happens to be a sexy dragon, the last dragon...

Candice has had her fill of bad luck lately, she's at the end of tether, enter a pixie yes I said pixie, Sheridan has been sent to help candice find happiness, but Sheridan is a trainee fairy that sprinkles fairy dust around like no one else,

When Candice's date goes wrong Sheridan has to think quick, before we know it our main couple are introduced but that's just the start of the story.

This is Savannah's first PNR and I'm impressed, I really felt for Candice and loved she wasn't a supposedly perfect size 8 (UK), Drake was smokin' hot and just a touch dominant in the bedroom... What can I say about Sheridan the pixie, she is so amusing.

One thing I will say about lots of books lately that on couples first sexual encounter together the men go all Dom on them without any discussion, now in fiction it's damn sexy but in real life they'd have to earn that submission. This is fiction though and PNR at that so I'm not worried and found it hot, just needed to get that off my chest.

This is a novella, one part of three stories and I really enjoyed the gods/paranormal setup, and the rules that had to be followed and with Sheridan there to make sure they're followed adds humour. I haven't mentioned motorbikes, Drake runs a Motorbike club and his on a mission to change things in his community, being a dragon with magic and a band of brothers at his side, he has that in hand.

To summarise I'd say a sexy paranormal read with a sprinkle of light hearted fun.

I can't wait for next story.

4.5 stars

I received an arc for an honest review.