Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords) (Volume 1)

Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords) (Volume 1) - K.L. Kreig 4.5 stars

I read this book the other day and really enjoyed K.L. Kreig characthers and world building, and the story kept me hooked too. If you love your vamps sexy come meet Dev!

Dev is a Regent, basically his in charge of a region, in this vampire world vamps are born and cant be created by a bite, they can eat normal food too along with human blood, they also want to be loved even if they dont admit to it!

Kate is plagued by bad dreams and soon she realises there about missing people, what can she do, people will think she's mad.... when she speaks to a detective shes shocked when he beleives her and doesnt lock her up, he calls in some specialist 'detectives', enter Dev.

There's a strong current running between them from the moment they meet, I thought Kate was great trying to keep her distance but when your fated its not worth the fight! All they do is cause pain to themselves by abstaining and made me despereate for them to get it on!

A love story needs a bad guy, we get to meet Xavier and his horrible, disgisting, yes a truely bad guy, he no redeeming qualities other than being the bad guy.

The story was told well and lots goes on, its a learning curve for Dev and Kate but they develop deep feelings for each other, and they cant get enough of each other.

There is also fab selection of other characthers, they're a real mixture and I look forward to reading more of them in future books.

A Recommended read to Vampire PNR lovers.

4.5 Vampy Stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**