Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds - V.M. Black The final part in this great serial book and its finishing on a high!

I found it exciting and creepy, yes the creatures they're fighting are scary sounding. It's so full of action it will leave breathless.

Let's not forget the love element, Chay and Tara don't have much time for intimacy in this book, but the moments they do get are very sweet. Their relationship has deepened and they really care each other.

Death, there's a huge battle and people die..... It's not pretty.

Obviously it's a serial book so start with book 1!

This is the first series I've read by this author and I'll definitely read more. Personally I prefer a whole book rather than parts, this one grabbed me though so was happy to read in parts.

The ending comes maybe a little to quickly for me, I would have preferred the sweet moment drawn out more.

4.5 shifting stars

**i received an arc for an honest review**