Sentinels: Alpha Rising

Sentinels: Alpha Rising - Doranna Durgin 3.5 stars

This author Is new to me, but the blurb and cover interested me and I took a chance.

Was I pleased, yes, it was an interesting read.

Lanny is a Sentinel, basically a shifter with other abilities, his a calm, down to earth characther and you'll soon warm to him.

Holly has been kidnapped, well that's how she sees it! In reality she's been taken to Lannys pack for her own protection, she is one strong Independant woman, that won't be caged. She has a lot of thinking to do and life choices to make, which is not made easy by the fact that Lanny is so attractive.

Don't expect these two to resolve things quickly, their journey is full of them pushing each other away, trying to protect their hearts. It's a relief when they give in.

An enjoyable read, it's my first in this series, this being book 7, I'd definetly pick up other books in series.

** I received an arc via Netgalley for an honest review **