I See You

I See You - Frantiska Oliver 3.5 stars

I struggled with the start of this book, it was a dark subject that I found difficult to read and nearly stopped. Im so glad I didnt though as the story developed and got less of 'disturbed details'.

I think the book took a turn when Bryce turned up, he added some light and I really enjoyed his characther. Haven is a very strong woman and a shifter shes on a mission to rid the world of paedo's.

Marla has a habit of picking up bad boys, much to her daughters disadvantage, Cassidy the girl/victim was so sweet but was very upsetting seeing her suffer. Johnny, well he is pure evil - enough said!

There is a romance element to the book mixed in with the crime story.

The last part felt slightly rushed, unless it was me reading it too quickly, but I did enjoy this book.

**I received an arc for an honest review**