Belonging - K.L. Kreig Book two in K L Kreigs Regent Vampire Series, this book is all about Damian and his mate Analise.

What can I say about Damian, his cocksure, arrogant, dominant, gorgeous and sexy, then he meets his fated one and and some characteristics change and he gains new ones too! There were parts of him that reminded me of a certain other BDSM loving millionaire, but only a small part.

"“Now, let’s go eat some breakfast before I eat you instead.”"

"“Come, kitten. Let’s go downstairs and I can show you my lair.” "

Analise is a tough cookie, she has had to be, after all she was pulled through the foster system and lived on the street, were she went through a lot.

When you put Damian and Analise together you have two people who are damaged by past events, but can they pull together and make a whole?

They really are a great couple, Damian is a dominant and Analise will submit to a level, basically in the bedroom but don't expect her to out of the bedroom. They are constantly turned on by each other and are smokin in the bedroom! They have some great conversations were Analise really stands strong and its fab to see Damian give, there's lots of emotional chats too.

It's not all love and sex though, there's danger and a bit of angst mixed in too, basically from Xavier and his croons.

I really liked how we get gisselle's story mixed in with our main couple, and makes me desperate to read their story and find out if they get it together properly ever!

If you've read book 1 you may have guessed all the regents mates are going to be connected somehow.....

This was a a great vampire romance book and I'm looking forward to reading Roms story as soon as it's released.

5 dominant vampire stars

**i received an arc for an honest review**