Rowena (Rowena, Paranormal Investigator Book 1)

Rowena (Rowena, Paranormal Investigator Book 1) - Eden Elsworth Rowena

I picked up this book without reading book blurb as I've already read and enjoyed one of Eden's Books, so picking up to read I went by title, and I was pleasantly surprised as it's much more than a ghost hunter story.

Rowena is a ghost hunter, not all jobs she gets are real but some definitely are, her latest job is for sure! She's been called in by a lady who's haunted by a dark spirit, and it's down to her to get rid........ It's not going to be so easy..... She's also going to find out a lot about herself on the way!

Some very interesting men in this book, imagine a man that will be what you want in and out the bedroom...... As you can imagine I hope to read more about him.

This book makes a great start to a new series which I'll be adding to my tbr list.

Four sexy and ghostly stars