The Rose Chronicles (The Rose Saga: Omnibus Edition).

The Rose Chronicles (The Rose Saga: Omnibus Edition). - Julieanne Lynch I'd already read part one and two of this series, so was already aware of Bianca's high sex drive!! I also knew I loved Batar!

Normally this type of book is called vampire erotica, I'd call this erotic vampire romance ......there's lots of sex, mf, ff, mff., but mixed in with the hotness is Bianca's story.

As mentioned I'd read two the first two parts before and had to wait to see what happened, now you don't have to wait, you get the whole story in one.

You'll see Bianca go from being a young woman that makes a mistake to the strong vamp with a mission....but all you want to know is does she get the guy...... She gets many lol.

I loved the ending it was everything I hoped for.

5 sexy vampy and Racey stars

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