The Guardians

The Guardians - Elise Marion The guardians

The fight between heaven and hell is going on constantly without the mortals knowing a thing about it.

Two people on the good side is Jackson and Micha, two very different personalities, they are guardian and protecting the human realm from demons, they have a new job...they have to find a special woman, who has a special task ahead of her.

Addison, has had a tough life, she's working as a pole dancer to help get through college. She has no idea about how her life is going to change, let alone the fact she's about to meet Jack, the sexy, kind hearted guardian.

The story and writing is fluid and will keep you turning pages. I found the big family dinner very touching, and the sexy interval between jack and Addison is very romantic ❤️. As a big pnr reader we know things don't go smoothly...... Being a heaven vs hell read, there's lots of talk demons, Angels, fallen angels and father/God and how they become. There are lots of secondary characters introduced through the book, I couldn't remember all their names if I tried, but being a first book in a series there's world building to do, so its to be expected.

A good read for all paranormal romance fans.

Angels, demons, oracles, minions, guardians, action and romance.

Did I mention the ending.....nope I didn't and I won't ;)

Four Vampy and stars

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