Mist Unveiled

Mist Unveiled - Nancy Corrigan
Folklore, Mist, Fire and gods.....

Cat is scientist searching for answers to a disease, she travels to Greenland where it's affecting most people.

Rune has been awoken from his long sleep as have his brethren, there's danger in the world that needs dealing with. Something only him and brothers can fight against.

I love inst-attraction in pnr books, cat keeps berating herself reminding herself she's a modern woman lol. She may be modern woman but she's also totally into Rune.
Rune doesn't want a woman, but his body and slowly his heart tell him otherwise.

I enjoyed this book, rune and cat are a great couple, with an interesting and hot courtship. I have to admit knowing this is a series Im looking forward to Dravens book.

Four vampy and racey stars

*i was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review*