One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy

One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy - Scarlet Wolfe One Plea- Damon and Alayna meet at a friends wedding and share an intense attraction. Alayna is a sweet woman with beautiful red curly hair. Damon is dominating and likes things kinky so decides to keep his distance, until they meet a few months later...

I really liked Alayna a very real woman, I was a bit peeved she caved so quickly and said I'd do whatever you like, but after lots of sex you could see Damon softening on his side, but still dominant, so that works for me. I don't like it when give is all one sided.

Can two people with different ideas on life be together long term who knows! I do know It's a shame the airport reopened lol.

I can't wait to start next book.

One urge - Oh my Damon, what are you hiding!

I loved this installment of the trilogy, it was great watching these two characther's get closer. I do have issues with Damon and his biting and Alayna taking it, but as soon as it bothers me, the matter is dealt with! Very clever Scarlet Wolfe.

Along with the hot sex, which I have to say isn't stretched to far, it's great actually, there's a lot going on in this part. Needless to say Damon has security in place to protect what he cares for. I'm so desperate for him to say *love*.

I'm really enjoying the characther development, Damon is mellowing *slightly* he still wants to be in control, but his showing a softer side. Alayna is still the same sweet girl, just liking things a bit kinkier, but she's so independent and strong and yes she needs and wants him to want her but at the same time you know she'd be ok on her own - Take note Damon!

Will be reading Keep me ASAP.

Loving this couple.

Keep Me - The final part of Damon and Alayna's story, it will keep you hooked!

Damon needs to come clean with Alayna, sooner than he planned. His big secret, wasn't as big as I expected (maybe I read too much lol) so in a way I wondered why he hid it. As its all let out these two have to do lots of talking, is that possible though Damon cant keep his hands off Alayna - not that she minds.

What I really liked in this part is how they got closer, Damon grew softer, In a way Damon growing softer meant he was either Damon or Sir and I'm not sure which side i prefer. Maybe I'm like Alayna and like both his sides ;)

So the sex gets steamier, the emotions get deeper and then people get in the way and cause hassle.....

As a couple they compliment each other, Alayna brings out Damon's softer side, were as Damon makes Alayna stronger, which is evident in this book. I'm also doing a virtual high five to Alayna for a few of her actions in this book, go girl!

So how many places can these two get intimate in? The sex is hot, yes it's BDSM most of the time but Alayna is really into submitting to Damon now and she gets some great rewards for it! She is not submissive out of the bedroom though and never will be, as Damon says she's Maddening, personally I think she's an awesome characther.

If you like your book boyfriends rich, sexy and dominant you must give this a read.

Epilogue.... ❤️

Five sexy dominant stars.