Shifted Perceptions

Shifted Perceptions - C.E. Black Loved it!

I started this book thinking hhhmmmm Paul, his not a good guy, I finished it and now think wow Paul is great!

Foxy is a shifter her real name is Terry and both are used throughout the book, depending on what Paul is trying to get across. To say she's a kickass characther is an understatement, she can fight with best and come out on top, her personal life is less than exciting as she keeps her emotions in check, she is loyal to the Alpha Division, that being while she has a problem with Paul the traitor...

Paul as I said I wasnt his biggest fan, but he won me over as the book went on, his very smooth and sexy, he likes a little kink and being in control in the bedroom which proves very interesting when they get together.

Foxy and Paul are thrown together on a mission, they're investigating Stone, yes another sexy, smooth man that you will like even though you know you shouldnt as his the bad guy, or does that add to the attraction?

The attraction Foxy feels to both men is messing with her head and she tries to fight it, but when it comes to work she will do whatever is necessary!

The mission story was as interesting as the love story developing, with action and twists and turns and a few surprises I wasnt expecting.

I did wonder how the relationship issues would be sorted and Im extremely happy with the outcome, no spoilers here.

This series is really heating up and I look forward to reading future books.

5 sexy shifting stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**