Heat Reborn (Phoenix Warriors, #2)

Heat Reborn (Phoenix Warriors, #2) - Karida Clarke **Hot warriors, magical women and a sizzling story**

Book 2 of Karida Clarkes Phoenix Guardians and they're as hot as ever!

This is Samuels book and his love interest Hadia, there's Lots of action and the story keeps you on your toes.

I really grew fond of the Desert witch and her playful ways in this book. Her apprentice you will remember from book 1 is Hadia and she's a witch.

Samuel, well he was great and loved him all through, I liked Hadia, I can't say I loved her, don't know why - she was strong and once her sexy side came out......

This book was a Seperate story as such, but there is an undercurrent story continuing from book 1 so would suggest you go meet Cole and Rebecca first.

I'm hoping the next book is Rykers!

4.5 sizzling stars